High calibre CPD conferences , video training and bespoke drinks parties for all who work in social welfare law.

Your #CPD declaration of #continuincompetence is due for practice certificate renewal in just 7 weeks . Our full training record costs £125 for 275 seminars and features premium presenters from 30 teams including the outstanding set @33BedfordRow .Watch Alex Adamou right here !

Practice Certificate renewals,#CPD declaration of #continuingcompetence only 7 weeks away. Our full training record with 275 seminars over 12 months costs just £125 with only the very best presenters from 30 teams . Watch 2 min sample Amanda Jones @GJSChambers
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The October #continuingcompetence #CPD declaration is seven weeks away. To replace our high calibre conferences during #COVID we offer a 12 month personal training record with 275 seminars for £125. Watch Anthony Metzer Head of @GoldsmithChambs on PC or mobile phone right here !

FREE POLICE STATION PHOTO ID CARD with carry case and necklace valid for two years - annual 12 month unlimited CPD subscription -30 participating leading light groups in crime,housing,immigration,civil litigation,family ,fraud and police station law. 7CPD £75 or275 seminars £125

A pleasure working alongside globally savvy @GJSChambers Great James Street Chambers on our #CPD #seminars -internationally very strong their legal teams herald a truly global call. Here #Lawfriends trainer Julius Nkafu presents this update for our immigration lawyers 7CPD £75!

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Over 200 video training seminars in our personalised CPD training library

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Police Station ID Cards £30

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*  Valid 2 years until 1 May 2022

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Our online video packages all have an electronic personal training record of your compliance work done and free access to all our past papers for personal use (where possible) is added to the package

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Our events are buzzing ! Take a look at what we do by clicking and sharing our 2020 trailer featured in the viewing box below (2 min) Come and have a great day out at a training conference with #Lawfriends ! 


Get ready for our awesome Soul Time Autumn party for all practitioners in social welfare law.

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Soul Time !

About Law Friends Society:

The Law Friends Society is a professional training provider of CPD lectures and conferences for Solicitors, Barristers and their support teams who work in social welfare law.

We train our lawyers to grasp legal solutions to the very real current problems faced by vulnerable clients under a previously unseen and worsening domestic political and European legal landscape.