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Legislation Update 1 Release under investigation ,no further action, street bail,bail conditions, Rudi Fortson QC -25 Bedford Row Chambers

Legislation Update 2 Nitrous oxide, psychoactive subtances act,dishonesty,gross negligence manslaughter,misuse of drugs.Rudi Fortson QC- 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Legislation Update 3 Criminal provisions of the police and crime act,juveniles at the police station ,release under investigation,sexual exploitation,anonymity,audio,juveniles Helen White- Solicitor- Howells LLP

Legistation Update 4 Psychoactive substances,dangerous dogs,mode of trial,early guilty plea,youths,road traffic,sentencing checklist,immigration,negligent refugee advice.Nicky Hall- HCA- Lizar and Co Solicitors

Legislation Update 5 Bail,client advice,harrasment,sexualoffences,sentencing,driving,early guilty plea,youths,itermediaries,school holidays,youth advocacy guidance Nicky Hall -HCA- Lizar and Co Solicitors

Legislation Update 6 Pre trial preparation hearing PTPH,disclosure,defence case statement,bad character,SFOiv,judicial review,slavery,CJCA,tax evasion,Jogee,harrasment,self defence,sexual trespass.John Cooper QC -25 Bedford Row Chambers

Legislation Update 7 Release under investigation and the new bail calculations Harriet Johnson-Barrister- Doughty Street Chambers

Legislation Update 8 Sexual offences update Ched Evans, SRO, article 6, admissability, contempt, appeal, false complaint, bad character, 24 hour police notifications.Matt Stanbury- Garden Court North

Legislation Update 9 Sexual offences law and practice, restricted questions, similar conduct, case law, statutes, instructions, advice, sentencing,communication with child, revenge porn, checklist.Aisling Byrnes -25 Bedford Row Chambers

Legislation Update 10 Sentencing update 1, purpose, health and safety ,theft , youths, robbery , disability,dangerous dogs, fraud,domestic violence, confiscation, weapons, early guilty plea ,better case management

Legislation Update 11 Sentencing update 2 Consultations,terrorism,early guilty plea ,intimidatory offences,magistrates court sentencing Recorder Paul Keleher QC-25 Bedford Row Chambers

Legislation Update 12 Sentencing update 3 Avoiding prison introduction,campaigns, helpline, sentencing, developments, lobbying, flowchart, custody, conditions, problems,achievements, feedback, top tips for practitioners, new principles.Alistair Gordon and Dr Laura Janes.Howard League for Penal Reform


Advocacy 1 Fast and Fearless defences, s34 CJPOA, best case management, criminal procedural rules ,judges, Leveson, getting it right first time, costs, Article 6,timetabling, sex offences, advocate’s gateway toolkit.Recorder Jeremy Dein QC– Head of Crime Team- 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Advocacy 2 Advocacy and Unity Within the Profession.opening speech, disclosure, admissions, five C’s, the W’s, silence, cross examination, never ask “why?”, advocacy advice, unity in the profession.John Cooper QC- 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Advocacy 3 Advocacy Case Analysis , good facts bad facts, assumptions, case theory.Recorder Leslie Cuthbert – Past Chair SAHCA

Advocacy 4 The Foundation of Advocacy, case theory ,trial preparation, strategy, case analysis, characters, brainstorming, good facts and bad facts, theory, fact, emotion, law.Recorder Andrew Mcglaughlin

Advocacy 5 Youth Court Advocacy Just For Kids Law, Better Case Management, diversion, triage, intermediary, guides, United Nations Beijing Rules, Council of Europe, Lord Carlisle, Children Commission, toolkit 16, anonymity, youth offending team, mode of trial, sentence, ROI. Kate Aubrey Johnson- Barrister– Just For Kids Law

Advocacy 6 Magistrates Court Advocacy Skills Updates, prosecution, case management, bad character, hearsay, pre trial, amendments, substitute charge, abuse, JR, DCS, Art 6, dispersal orders, Art 10, 11.PSIV.Richard Brigden -Garden Court North Chambers

Advocacy 7 Advocacy Twenty Tips in Twenty Minutes Recorder Leslie Cuthbert – Past Chair SAHCA


Evidence 1 DNA,Simon Cowell,burglary,mixtures,Lugoche ruling,software,statistics,CCTV super recognisers,sharedDNA,profile,national database,16 area test,match, jury points,innocent explanation? Sarah Short- Forensic Equity

Evidence 2 Fingerprints characteristics, pattern, history, twins, scars, warts, bifurcation, ridge, arch, loop, delta , whorl,history since 1892,William West,identification,tests. David Goodwin – Forensic Equity

Evidence 3 Fingerprint Expert Evidence comparison, identifications,uniqueness,cognitive bias followed by three case studies on forensic interpretation Simon Bunter Kieth Borer Associates

Evidence 4 Drug Valuations valuation,POCA,drugs on money,wholesale,retail and historic valuations,purity,scientific expert,police expert,weight and value,drugs on paper and polymer bank notes.Ann Franc – Forensic Equity

Evidence 5 Internet Protocol Addresses & Evidence Texts on phones,inadmissable evidence,cybercrimes,disclosure and discontinuance,geolocation evidence,live experiment Simon Franc and Simon Biles Forensic Equity

Evidence 6 Cardiovascular death,causation ,accident,reliable witness,stress,clinical data,verdict,toxicology,blood and urine test for cocaine,marijuana,skunk cannabis,MDMA,ecstasy.Martin Goddard – Forensic Equity

Evidence 7 Firearms 1. Ammunition ,range,matching a bullet to a firearm,deactivated and reactivated firearms,antique,firearms,air powered weapons.Philip Boyce – Forensic Equity

Evidence 8 Firearms 2.Lethally barrelled weapon,S1,S2,what is a firearm, firearms act 5.1.a.b.a pistols,5.1.b noxious substance,stun gun,air gun,2.2 and .38 calibre shot test.Philip Boyce – Forensic Equity

Evidence 9 Firearms 3 Weapon,calibre,shots,distance,clothing,hair, tattoeing,suicide,entrance exit muzzle wounds,9mm,12 guage pattern,CAT scan,synthetic skull,dodging bullets,IBM defence.Philip Boyce – Forensic Equity

Evidence 10 Firearms 4 Tazers,stunguns,s5 firearms act prohibited weapon, no voltage definition,disguised weapons,mandatory statutory 5 year sentence,lethal objects and non lethal objects,best practice.Philip Boyce – Forensic Equity


Best Practice 1 Bad Character Do’s and dont’s,making or resisting an application,CPR, CJA 2003,Gateway D, F,G ,s101,basis,sentence,practical guide,adverse effect,excluding evidence,propensity.Monica Stevenson-Barrister 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Best practice 2 Abuse of Process Delay,Gary Glitter,unfair trial,adverse publicity,state misconduct,police station privacy,test purchases,incitement,the Krays,the Telegraph,Abu Hamza,special measures. Colin Wells-25 Bedford Row Chambers

Best Practice 3 POCA Serious crime,sentencing,discharge,third party,appeals,magistrates powers,time to pay,compensation,compliance,default,proportionality,s45POCA,delay.Alex Jamieson-25 Bedford Rowe Chambers

Best practice 4 Bribery Act,serious fraud,Standard Bank,the Sweet case,failure to prevent, bribery offences,expectation test,case study,domestic and international compliance.Osman Osman.Barrister 25Bedford Row Chambers

Best Practice 5 Murder, manslaughter ,diminished responsibility & specific defences David Hislop QC Doughty Street Chambers

Best Practice 6 Inquests,Coroner,advocate,witnesses,strict parameters,Article 2, jury, dress, parties, funding, right to advocacy,technique,verdict,reopening,advocacy requirements.John Cooper QC- 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Best practice 7 Terrorism .Terrorism in the context of recent events,from terrorism cases in Northern Ireland at the police station, solicitor,solicitor advocate to Barrister,QC and DPPNI.Preparatory offences in terrorism,significant changes in the prosecution investigation,Q and A. Barra McGrory- QC Ex DPPNI- Doughty Street Chambers

Best Practice 8 Modern Slavery,NRM,defences,offences,CPS,CTL,no evidence,reasonable grounds,s45 MSA,duress,exceptions,Article26,Palermo,tactics, four test cases,the Act.Richard Brigden- Garden Court North Chambers

Best practice 9 Investigatory Powers,legalised hacking. MI5, MI6, GCHQ, Pitchford, CTSA15, IPA16, new powers,new offences,CPS data request,s65IPA,Princess Diana,detention without charge.Andrew Fitzpatrick-Barrister- Garden Court North Chambers

Best Practice 10 Vulnerable Witness 1 Vulnerability, Green Review,s27+28 special measures, ABEs,s33 impaired witness,s28 protocol,special measures, timetable, early guilty pleas,benefits,Truss declaration.Helen Valley- Barrister- 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Best Practice 11 Vulnerable Witness 2 Issues,groundrules hearing,procedure,practise,qualifying as vulnerable,advocate toolkit 1 and 10,CPR,PDs,special measures,intermediary ,IOJ test,conclusion.Monica Stevenson -Barrister- 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Best Practice 12 Fitness to Plead and Intermediaries Procedure,FTP,PS,s136 MHA,special measures,insanity,DV,the six part test,tasks,timing,disposal, abuse, intermediary,toolkit 16,funding,practical guide,recap. Natasha Llloyd Owen .Emma Stuart Smith.Barristers -25 Bedford Row Chambers

Best Practice 13 Best Case Management Early preparation, diligence,CPR, appeals, crown court, magistrates court, collaborative policy on Hillsborough, PS rep, prepstat, s34, PTPH, Indictment, dismissal.Andy Fitzpatrick-Barrister- Garden Court North Chambers

Digital Case System EGP, fast delivery, PTPH, legal argument, stage1-4, certificate, times, e form, DCS, CJSM e mail, WIFi, MOJ,training portal, ROCA, upload, unrepresented defendants.Duncan Jones-Barrister- 25 Bedford Row Chambers

Best Practice 14 Instructing an Expert Best Practise,Jpeg only, never PDF,original documents only,native imagery as recovered,cell site analysis,forensic pathology,road traffic,abuse of process,disclosure.Simon Franc.Senior Clerk.Forensic Equity

Best Practice 15 Proof of Evidence Structure,greeting,recording information, background, education, family, employment, case chronology,advice,instructions,check and sign,time record,summary.Max Campbell – HCA-Brett Wilson Solicitors

Best practice 16 Post Court Letters,structure,greeting,title,purpose of writing,purpose of hearing, allegation, instructions, advice,outcomes, client care,costs,next steps.Max Campbell –HCA- Brett Wilson Solicitors


Police Station 1 Police Station do’s and don’ts with common sense practical tips, PACE codes and preparation advice.Max Campbell – HCA-Solicitor Brett Wilson LLP

Police Station 2
Role,research law ,be ready,go equipped,be calm and collected,vol attend,lawful arrest,CR,disclosure,forensics,witnesses,options in IV,difficult IVs,Code C PACE,Post IV Max Campbell – HCA-Solicitor Brett Wilson LLP

Police Station 3 Mobiles,samples,unfit,false account,client health,IV declined,IV in cell ,difficult OIC,Code C PACE,solicitor ID, conflicts, profcon.Max Campbell – HCA-Solicitor Brett Wilson LLP


Unity 1 Unity Within the Profession Greg Powell President LCCSA and Greg Foxsmith Ex President LCCSA

Unity 2 The History of Legal Aid and Proof Magazine 18th century crowdfunding,Tolpuddle,1949 legal aid,Grayling,Access to Justice,Justice Alliance,Justice Gap,chronic cuts to legal aid.Robert Lizar-Solicitor-Lizar and Co

Unity 3 UNITY ,LASPO,Grayling,prison,deaths,,unity,campaigns,court closures,embarrassment clause,Gove,Bell,Truss,second cut,ready for action.Greg Foxsmith – Ex Pres LCCSA